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i wont plead da 5th...i am just a wordsmith...& my hopes r 2 many Souls as possible off dat negative drift....

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“Eric L. Boddie(pronounced body)”
by:  Eric L. Boddie

I am somebody
I am nobody
I am anybody
I am everybody
I am my mind, for this is His body
I am a lover of women, but I only need one body
I am blessed, He gave me a beautiful body
I am a believer in bringing pleasure to the body
I, one day, want a wife, but won’t accept just anybody
I want a lady who wants respect from everybody
I want a woman who aspires to be somebody
I want my girl to be strong enough to seek approval from nobody
I want a female who has pride in her body
I want a female who will only give me her body
I want a female in search of the limitations of pleasure for the body
I want a female whose mind is more beautiful than her body
I, only, truthfully, need God because He loves everybody
I need my mother because she wants me to be somebody
I need love, which can be given by anybody
I need wisdom to understand that no one is a nobody
I need strength to carry my body
I need my mind to maintain the health of my body
I need a woman to bring pleasure to my body
I need nothing else than being Eric L. Boddie

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