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Atticus, R.H. Sin, Robert Frost

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It strikes me again I guess it was at that moment that I was high, a little too high, and In an instant, I dropped down to my knees. I couldn't feel the most parts of it. I felt sane but I couldn't say the same for the heart that was lost in its way. We're all human, aren't we? But at most times I couldn't relate. I feel alien. Take it metaphorically or take it literally. People act differently. Most times they're just harsh. Maybe that's how the world works truly. Maybe that's just the reality of normal people. I am by most definitions not normal.

I'm built differently. I'm Alien.

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JUST ONE LAST TIME by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
FORBIDDEN but NEVER FORGOTTEN LOVE           by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
STILL THERE by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
I AM OKAY by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
YOU'VE BEEN RELEASED but will YOU EVER RETURN? by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
CAN YOU SEE IT IN MY EYES? by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)

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