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either you or them

interesting curiosity invested in the outfit...spin
when altercations inevitibly rise  
because the body is a poor representation for the soul
left scarred from the war
tormented for it, it's okay I've seen myself look worse  
beauty given and then taken  
there are so many ways to shatter the soul
sorrow and pain, being beautiful ingrediants to making a tasty being
with enough love and attention at pivatol moments
our minds see what they want to
I know I am more than my some of parts
it is a mortal tomb met to distract me
to see if it can supercede me and hold me back
from standing up for what I believe against the tide of onlookers
a wave of angry people so pent up and brainwashed into their beliefs
so later, they can be tormented for who they truly are
saddened they won't see I pray for them
that our Father will be fair
it tortures me I feel their torment even if they believe it away
I see on their faces
blithely unaware of the pigeon hole they are placed in
for sake of sex, religon, self worth according to the classes
some are born into a pit with a chain around their neck
some of the slaves to pain, escape to a degree
shaming those who have not
causing more division, hate rules with an iron fist
the ones calling the shots are not obvious
those rule from above in the celestial
the ones you see are paid pets, or puppets
the vampires must eat, they eat your pain and sorrow
with plenty of various sex plays it is their pleasure
all the while pitting one against the next
and betting on the outcome
I wish to wake everyone up
some are stirring but refuse the potion
pererring the illusion to the truth
you see the mannequin who happes to have real feelings
ridden by a real monster  
who ejects leaving the soul to suffer the consequences  
poor being it didn't stand a chance
hijacked by what it knows not
still, I am told they coulld resist the urges inspired by the torture
they are given a second to decide
they choose the break from torment
out of the frying pan into the fire as they say
they will cry you all the way to the flames
and escort you in and you will admit you are guilty in the end
after you're burning in agony they will put you out
and you will go to a place of utter darkness and wish for death
but it has no claim to you
your energy will persist as an amusement
you will be called upon to eat or be eaten again and again
believe me after awhile the choice is not hard  
it's either you or them and you've decided it won't be you
Written by smackdownraven
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