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Constance plan

Constance plan

Constance left Dirk sleeping and went out into the night on the prowl. Her ability to fly allowed her to go further away from the locale which she knew could be patrolled by vampire hunters who had occasionally tried to trap her.
Every time they had come with stakes and mallets intending to kill her she had used her strength to overcome them, killing some in the process and hoping that their leader would one day make a mistake and try alone to contain her by using nets interwoven with garlic. Pondering this brought a smile to her face as she had long added garlic to her cooking which had given her an immunity that other vampires did not have.
She knew that countryside away from urban conurbations was a rich vein for such as herself with the superstitions that grew from religious villages and their ill-educated congregations all of whom believed that vampires only fed on blood. She could hide in plain sight by eating meals in pubs and restaurants. She often had meals of various types of fish as she enjoyed the flavours and always had wine appropriate to the food asking for many wines by name of the vineyard from which it came.
Constance was eating at a restaurant she had used before where the clienteles included rich people often were regulars but this evening she was looking for individuals who she could turn into vampires who would produce more blood donors for the next few weeks while she continued getting Dirk up to where he could also not only keep his cock growing to where he could satisfy her and find and attract more victims for her.
Constance saw a likely candidate that filled the characteristics she admired and noted that he was eyeing her when she was ordering her food. She sampled the chardonnay she had selected and asked the sommelier to pour her glass. She looked at the guy and raised her glass to him. He raised his glass in return and asked if she would like to join him at his table by gesturing at the empty chair opposite to him.
She walked across to him, catching the eye of the waiter and as she reached the table the waiter pulled the chair and asked if he should bring the ice bucket from her table with her wine in it.
“Yes please.” Constance said “thank you for inviting me over. My name is Constance.” She told the man.
“Thank you for joining me” the man said, “My name is Ryan. I didn’t catch the name of the vineyard that your chardonnay came from, but the label betrays the quality?”
“It is one of the smaller vineyards in Burgundy, the home of Chardonnay” Constance replied, “my father knew the family when they planted the first vines many years ago. It compliments the rainbow trout I am having.”
“A strange coincidence as that is what I ordered today.” Ryan stated
“Which wine are you having?” Constance asked
“I prefer a pinot grigio with this trout.” Ryan replied
Their conversation remained in the realms of wines for a while until the food arrived.
After finishing the fish course Constance ordered a Crème brulee and Ryan added cheese board for his dessert dish and they shared a red as an accompanying drink. The conversation moved on to more personal information.
“You seem comfortable with life,” Constance said, “are you single or in a relationship?”
“Not in need of any of the usual requirements,” he laughed “I invest and travel quite a bit. I lost my wife 20 years ago to cancer and now find interesting people to engage with. How about yourself?”
“Much the same as you.’ She replied, “I only need company when I feel like it. Do you have a place near or have you a room booked?”
Ryan felt a stirring in his loins. He said “there is a place not far which always has rooms except on race days so I will go and book there. The rooms are all doubles so if you would like to join me?”
“That would be my choice and we can have some fun.” She replied, “I didn’t bring a car so you would only need one parking space.”
The drive took half an hour and checking in much less. They were getting out of their clothes almost before the room door closed.
Constance took the lead and shoved him onto the bed and kissed him hard. Ryan responded with the same passion and kissed all down her neck to her tits and sucked her nipples so that each hardened so that his tongue rasped over them and his hands were busy with his flies hoping that he would not explode before he could get his mouth over her labia and drink her juices. Constance decided that she would make the same offer as with Dirk. Getting her hands into each side of Ryan’s head so she could turn him into the 69 position and suck his dick while he was busy lapping her clitoris and building up a good head of steam for her first orgasm.
She did not want to allow him to come and bit the side of his cock making him jump when she pushed him into her pussy. She shuddered with the force of her orgasm and turned round to kiss him with her tongue deep inside his mouth and then down onto his neck above his jugular vein.
She stopped and told him he could choose, “You can decide in the next two minutes while I go down on your cock and bring you to a close. You can either become a full vampire with the choice of creating your own tribe of vampires or become a human with a duty to me to provide blood donors to feed from.”
With that she plunged her head over his cock and down to his balls making him judder and her throat began to vibrate and pulse with a grip that he had never felt before. His balls felt like he could never stop emptying themselves once they started and he yelled as his orgasm started emptying him into her throat.
Every pulse that grabbed his shaft felt like he was never going to be able to come again once this finished.
Constance pushed up from him slowly allowing the pulsations to continue until his cock left her mouth. She told him, “You can now choose whether you want to become a full vampire with a lifetime of willing blood donors and your tribe of vampires who will become your sexual partners forever or become a part of my team who can live with the need to have my fangs withdraw blood from your cockhead.”
She continued, “you will need to drink a special mixture each day for the rest of your life and suffer the pain of me sucking your blood from your cockhead and have to provide me with multiple daily orgasms to maintain my sexual appetite.”
Ryan took no time at all to tell her that he wanted the vampire option. He immediately knew his lifestyle would not change much as he could spend less time chasing partners for sex and more time creating better investments and increasing his wealth and his portfolio of properties around the world. Constance told him that her initial bite strength would only be hard enough to puncture his skin and would not drain him of blood but only half as this would not kill him.
She kissed him again and trailed her tongue down his jawline and to his jugular vein. After drinking four pints she purred down his body to his cock and used her mouth to get him stiff again and she could pull him into her inner sanctum so that he would be able to come again and thrill her with another orgasm. His cock seemed like it had grown to a larger size as he felt her tighten her grip on him. He pumped her as fast as he could until she pushed him off her but then turned over so he could enter her from behind.
“Oh that feels a lot better now you have had this hardening,” she said, “I did not mention that female vampires have a special hormone that gives your member a boost of, not only energy, but also size.”
She kept moving back onto his cock and squeezing him further with each thrust and flooded her cavity so that he would slide more quickly into her. The resultant orgasm in her vagina set him into the spasms of his orgasm that she felt and came again even more strongly.
They laid back on the bed stroking each other gently feeling more of each other’s touch and getting to know their different aroma and the softness of her skin and the firmness of his musculature.
Constance said “I will leave you shortly and come back in another two days while your blood get used to being depleted and complete your transformation. The change will fully take another four days until you need to find your first donor for a feed and the hormonal change for you will take place during that time. When I come back I will give you some more information and some instructions that will help you to pick and choose your victims and hide the bodies or destroy them completely so that you won’t leave a trail that can be followed.”
Ryan said “I have a country estate in Shropshire and a chateau and vineyard in France. If you would like I am happy to show you both soon.”
“I have an ongoing project that will take a few weeks to complete,” Constance said, “but if you want to invite me to Shropshire in two days that would be nice to see your place and then, when the other project has been put to bed, I would love to come to France.”
Ryan responded “That sounds like a very good plan for France as we harvest the grapes in late September and we can tell when they are pressed how good the vintage will be. Let me have your contact details and we can arrange in Shropshire the day after tomorrow. How will you come to the house? It is near Apley park”
“Send me the address and I will arrive in the morning just before dawn” she replied.

To be continued…..
Written by Ambiensse (Richard G)
Author's Note
The ongoing tale of Constance
She has found a new vampire to be converted and this one is the first she has created in a couple of centuries
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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