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Constance and Dirk

Constance and Dirk

Constance flew in just as Dirk woke and surprised him with a wake up kiss.
“Where have you been?” asked Dirk, “I woke in the middle of the night with the biggest stiffy I have ever had.”
Constance replied “I have been on a trip to find another vampire.”
“Was this a meeting of the clans or something?” he inquired, “I don’t know too much about your life other than you are much older than I am, and can you do something about this please?” as he pointed to his groin.

Constance pulled the sheet from him and said “This might be a little more excruciating than before,” and laughed at his fallen face.
“I guessed this could be so” he said, “are you going to be able to fit that in your mouth?”
Like a bolt of lightning she widened her jaws and sunk her fangs just below the glans and drew out a mouthful of his blood. She swallowed that and drew back a little bit and sunk them right on the edge of his glans and twisted a bit as she drew another mouthful to swallow.

“Did you want to share with me?” she queried.
Dirk replied with a smothered squeal “No I think I can forgo that pleasure if you would like to plug me into you sweet hole and I can use any of the overflow to lube your tunnel as this has grown more than I expected it to.”

Constance changed position to the 69 and told him to get her juices to where they needed to be with his tongue and she withdrew her fangs so she could swallow him into her throat completely.
Dirk could not believe she could open her throat sufficiently to accommodate him and her pumping action that took him to the very edge of his orgasm.
She pulled off him and surprised him by jamming a finger up his ass. He had never had that sensation which delayed his coming.

“Why did you do that?” he asked.
“To keep you waiting for me while you concentrate on my flow.” She replied, “now please pay attention so I will know when you are ready.” And half removed her finger and then pushed it harder into his ass.
Dirk discovered that this could be pleasurable as she twisted and crooked her finger to explore him much like a doctor examining him. He moved his tongue up to the top and sucked her clitoris while licking it alternately. He felt her response beginning to mount and moved back to force his tongue deeper with each thrust.

Constance moaned with her reaching the tipping point and he spread her labia apart with both hands so his tongue went further and was rewarded with a shower of come juice that filled his mouth. He lapped at it and jumped to her clit and sucked harder than he had before getting her to prolong her orgasm and pulled him out of her hole and rammed herself onto his cock getting his come to shoot up inside her.

As this was the signal that his cock would grow Constance had to expand herself to leave him room to fit  until his second orgasm filled her completely and she also came again with a scream that he knew was only for his benefit as her growth was a natural part of the process as was his.

They laid together panting while he stroked her back and kissed her down to her nipples and licked and sucked them and brought his hand back into her feasting upon her juice and licking his fingers.
Dirk said, between licking, “Are you going to be ready soon for another round?”
Constance wrapped her free hand around his cock, ”you seem to be ready to go again but I must get another energy boost from your tower. This time she slowly lowered and aimed one side of her fangs to nip his prepuce. He howled in pain and swore at her. She came up with a very small amount of blood in her mouth and a cheery grin as she lowered herself onto him so slowly that he realised she was gripping him as hard as she could to cause even more pain in his cock.

Dirk had realised that his mistress was a lover of pain. His pain mainly. As he knew that pain is a part of the mindset that can accompany pleasure he tried to welcome her part of the cycle including how hard she could grip his cock. Her grip changed to one of intense vibration that took him over the top into his next orgasm and it continued to pump his seed inside her. With each spasm he felt more pain from his growing cock and her orgasm also peaked with her whole body shuddering.

“Put your fingers in my mouth.” She commanded. Dirk complied and felt such pain from her fangs injecting him with venom that he tried to pull away.
“What are you doing to me?” he asked. There was no reply as she had started feeding on his blood. Each mouthful kept building the excruciating pain in his hand until his orgasm matched her timing and they both shook with the force of their combined coming.

Constance stopped her feeding and instead clamped her arms around him and kissed him with a little of his blood in her mouth that he tasted and welcomed this new flavour.
“I wanted to try this with you,” she told him, “This is an experiment that I wanted to try before but never had someone that I wanted to include in my life.”
“What kind of experiment is this?” Dirk asked “Why is this important to you and why do you want me in your life?”

Constance remained quiet for a couple of minutes and took a deep breath before telling him the full story. She said “I have tried this before as I had four previous temporary donors and began to despair that they could become what I wanted. As you know the pain is exquisite and some cannot take it because they fear pain. They have all left me as their good looks and youthfulness started to become a problem.”
“Are you saying they did not have the youthful visage and outlook on their lives?” he queried.
“Yes, dear I think you are close to the problem. That does not fully explain it but it does include their acknowledgement that I don’t appear to age and this had a detrimental effect on their view of the relationship.” She said, “I have looked at the physiological and hormonal changes that come with being a part vampire as you are and I want you to stay as young as I can keep you and I think I have found a way to do that which is why I took some blood from your hand.”

“I promise not to take any more blood now and I want you to fuck me senseless until we both are satiated right now” she instructed.
They started and

To be continued…..
Written by Ambiensse (Richard G)
Author's Note
I want to continue with the story that includes love, pain and acceptance
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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