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No Sleep

      “If the only way I have to keep a woman is by my checkbook
Then when she walks away in gold digger disgust all I can do is look,
      “No sleepless night coming my way or my soul is shook
The only thing I will miss is her sucking dick and the meals she cook,

      “I call it profitable addition, because of common sense subtraction
Because bitches with attitudes and bullshit always give me a negative reaction,
      “Having them scream ‘fuck you CS’ and calling me a gay-ass bitch
A ho’s opinion, because I will never be a recipient of a penetrating dick,

      “Born with a penis and wrinkled nuts-that shit was by design
Leaving mama permanently stretched, bleeding and crazy cryin,  
      “Until I slow slid from the birth canal
And when she finally seen me all she could do is smile,

      “Hate it, unconditionally love it or lick it
Any ass lifted up high enough a motherfucka can kick it,
      “My attitude is already fucked-up and unstable
Savage like a winter storm disrupting your cable,

      “The only thing that keep me up at night is pussy and sickness
Because a soapy rag for my nuts and toilet flushing is my witness,
      “Of snotty tissue or it decorated with that famous shit stain
Religiously, pulling that handle without any goddamn shame,

      “Many who don’t like me say I should follow what I just released
To all sensitive ass motherfuckas and the weak-they can continue to weep,
      “I call it low hanging fruit for a sorry bitch’s mindset
Understand, there does not have to be any rain for a motherfucka to get wet,

      “Fuck with me or mine shit will not be fine
Now I’m committing a crime-check out further details on the news at nine,
      “Raw truth in any form means no lie can never defeat
Having haters telling me to go to hell so bring the heat,

        “A toe tag and death certificate are already tucked away in the safe
Forward both to my new address of 666, you know place,
      “So, when my soul awakens after I marinate in my burial ditch
I’ll be waiting to work your ass like a street walking bitch”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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