Dear, Love

So sweetly apathetic
You lie asleep
While I'm still crying in the next room
You haven't seen me in days
But I'm still here
I'll never leave, love

You wake so suddenly
It touches you again
The cold where I used to be
Some place deep inside
A place we used to call home
But we burned it down
And it's out of our hands, love

Bitter words and angry hands
Crushes the hearts still gasping for love
But you still haven't seen me
Weeks now, it's been
I'd give anything to take it away
I'm so sorry, love

All I am, all I used to be
It can be yours
If you'd just let me die for you
I'm aching, you're my only purpose
My last proposal, my final sacrifice
Please, forgive me, love
I've been gone for so long
While you were only in the next room
But here I am, now, my precious
All that I am, all I'll ever be
Is yours
Just say I'm the one
The last you'll need, you'll want
The final chapter, the last step
Please, just tell me how much you love me

I'd fall to my knees and beg you to take me
If I thought you'd see me
I'd give anything and take everything
I'm your martyr, love
Give myself to the fire
If I thought it'd keep you warm
Please, see me
Please, discover I'm the only one
A desperate nothing without you
An empty shell without my heart
And it still hangs around your neck, my love

Apathetic empathy
So bitter-sweet to my ears
To hear you say you love me
No louder than an inaudible whisper
My screaming falls out into limbo
Wear the ring, take my soul
It's all to make you smile
Your happiness would be too much to ask
I'd settle for a glance
Just a notion, my one

I'm growing weak, I'm burning slowly
A million miles away, still you bring me closer to yesterday
I adore you
I haunt you
I'm the breath on your neck
As you try to fall asleep
You're my obsession
My only passion
My heaven and perdition
Oh, my love
If you could only see
If you would only hear
How I long for you to love me

If I had only known
If I could have only seen
My God! If only I could take it back
I wouldn't be here
Existing merely as the ghost of your memories

Trapped in pages
Never to reach the climax
Hear the end, find the revelation
You're my purgatory
I'd sell my soul
If I could only get it back from you
Just say yes
Say I'm real
Just turn a little more
Please, see me
Please, see me!

Forever, will I die for you
Forever, will I love you
I will love you forever
It may take that long
Before you finally stare right into me
And release me from this prison
I've made and lost the key to
It's hanging around your neck, love

While I hear you crying in your sleep again
I wrap you in my arms
And pray you feel me there again
It will be okay
I'll always be here, my sweet
I'll never leave
Years now, since you saw me last

You hold your reasons in your hand
Too many, though not enough
Gently, I come behind you
And kiss your neck
Whisper nothing
But surely it's enough
As you drop your reasons to the floor
Quickly stand and turn
I know you don't see me
Until you fly into my arms
Tears screaming from your heart
Words so lovingly hateful
I was right here
I'm still right here
I'll never leave
Please, believe
All I have, everything I am
Was right here, waiting for you
To see my light and wash ashore
Please, don't turn away again
Let's just stay here together
Forever tangled up in
Written by Results_May_Vary
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