Frank Sinatra-ism

I know you mean well  
I really do  
but goddamn  
everything I do doesn't require  
your "expertise"  
do you enjoy being a nag  
or is it hereditary?  
your mouth all mighty tongue everlasting  
can be such a drag at times  
makes me wonder if you were always
an old hag in disguise looking for  
someone you can henpeck
into an early grave  
you met me being me  
being free  
it was my sovereignty  
that made you wet...made you sweat  
or did you forget?  
you want me spontaneous  
you want my masculine in the raw...  
then stop being such a damn  
control freak and enjoy the way my freak speaks  
to you..through you  
feel and luxuriate in how i renew you  
just know baby  
i'm not trying to own you  
so don't try to own me  
we are not possessions property or prizes  
to be won or lost  
there's a heavy cost associated  
with such beliefs  
so let us just hone and cultivate this    
extravagant context of you and I  
where our two wholes overlap in this game of life  
I chose you for a reason  
your rational can't be too far off from mine  
so don't ever overthink me baby  
you doin too much  
don't try to change me and frame me into  
your idealistic views  
now that you think you 'got me'  
cuz trust me, all my passion and affection for you  
can come to a screeching halt  
if you keep getting on my nerves  
it will serve you well to know    
when to practice the art of silence  
it really can be golden  
and there are certain things that i will always  
go about in my own way because  
I am my own man not your yes man  
you can either accept that or    
just keep it pushin  
cuz my life was pretty cool before    
you got here so all I have to do is press rewind  
and pick up where I left off  
Written by Naajir
Author's Note
can't tolerate projectionists
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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