The little girl opened up the walls.
She ran excitedly down the halls.
To open up her dollhouse.

The dolls all became back plastic,and put on their dresses.
Wearing their dollfaces.
And bright color, happy smiles.

She picked up one of them.
And she played all day.
Then,at the end of the day,she puts them away.

They turn back into their true form.
They walk out of the dollhouse at midnight.
And they head down to the kitchen.

Trying not to make a noise.
They weren't hiding behind their masks anymore.
They weren't hiding in their colorful clothes.

They were no longer stuck inbetween the pink walls.
And screams can be heard.
As the mother rushes down.

All she sees is her daughter's dolls.
And a puddle of blood.
And maybe a bit of broken glass.

She puts the dolls back,confused.
And cleans up the mess.
To the little girl,the mother could not confess.

But when it strikes midnight,
My friend,you'll see.
That nobody is perfect.

Even behind their happy smiles,and colorful clothes.
They act like they are all from the same molds.
But everyone hides dark secrets.

As the clock strikes midnight, you can hear sounds from the kitchen.
As the little girl goes down the stairs.
And she finds her dolls.

Right outside their dollhouse.
For nobody is perfect,even behind a screen.
The dolls hid all this behind a smile,so perfect they would seem.

The little girl looked in shock.
As she realised the truth.
And she realised,her dolls weren't perfect.

But either was she,or her mother.
Who always uses the money of the father.
Now,she is their victim.

Playing the same exact role.
The family is now seen as a perfect little doll.
Hiding behind a dollhouse.

And the truth comes alive at night.
When we all begin to fight it.
But it gets to us as we sleep.

No matter how perfect someone seems, they are hiding something very deep.
Written by Liziantus-Marantus (Ivelina Boneva)
Author's Note
Based on Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez.
The concept and text is fully based on the song below.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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