the garden of peace

The Garden of Peace

lately, I have been thinking of the many religions and how each one offers the best salvation is dependent on the circumstances of the time frame
When the protestant God based much of their faith upon
the teaching of Jesus and his masculine stance against
the Romans and the boot-licking priests who cared
more about their safe seat than the truth which as we know has a tendency to fluctuate in favor of the mighty
The Catholicism are not so fixated on Jesus, they are
more into the Virgin Mary and how she suffered for her sons, yes she had two sons and a daughter we hear little
of them, like we know nothing about the famous of our days until we learn to our shock a star of song and acting has a son so vain someone tells him the time of the day, not that it matters as she is not a Christian.
Jehovah was formed because there was a dispute about the correct name of God, so severe was the argument some people left the flock and set up shop alone, their God the only real one to save them.
What the sects and the so-called official religions have
is the promise of a forever life not quite defined
heaven, the Christians think of the lamb and the tiger
as an ideal picture, while the Muslims speak of seven
virgins waiting for a slain warrior, what do I know
Heaven has a place for many little paradises to fit
each individual or sect.
This leaves the Jews who have the misfortune to believe what a resentful scribe wrote, that they are the master of the earth.
We see through history how they with the help of the local goys have come back to power only to be slapped down
And we in our time, bear witness to the fall of Israelite
again they shall walk the earth and dream the same old
dream of an Earthly Jewish Paradise
Written by oskar
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