So full of life

Our lifes so full of strife
Our lifes so full of longing
Forgotten is the glory
Of breath, so full of life

To feel the holy silence
So far from pain and violence
The universe within
Just passes by, like every fear of death
Is gone in moments when I'm focused on the breath

If life is such a gift
Why do we never stop to sit and feel it?
Why is being alive not in itself enough?
In dungeon cell and prison wall
In cities, villas, and heavenly hall
To be alive is joy of all
If we just stop to listen to the moment
In which being alive is just enough

Money greed and lust and fame
Failures, triumphs, despair and blame
Mask the gift of being alive
Why is being alive not enough?

Moment, teach this hand to hold
All your glory and all your gold
Where my heart will yearn no more
For the gift card and the store
For the toys and all the shine
Let the breath alone be mine
Let me sit and know I'm blessed
Teach this hand the more with less
Let this heart now be fulfilled
And all longing let be stilled

In and out I breathe and know
I'm alive and that is all
Non-stop yearning let me go

And let the breath be my heavenly hall

So full of life
Written by AltairEndian
Author's Note
Whenever I sit down and focus on my breath I find peace. A lifetime of cultural conditioning has taught me to want more and more. But in these moments I know that being alive is enough. If only that wisdom would never fade within me. It does in the heat of life. But it is something to come back to. When all you need is the breath then you will be joyful and happy literally until you die. It is an ideal that can never be reached I think. But I long for it.
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