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A letter I got from my sister after her death

A letter I got from my sister after her death

To my dear bother Brian to be opened after my death--Dated May 12 1999 (I Change the names from the letter for their safety) and about 90% is true.

Our parents as you know had 3 kids before they realized that they couldn't stand being married to each other anymore. There were no affairs or anything they just couldn't get along. I have a brother (Brian) and an older sister (Sarah) who is prettier than me and smarter and taller and has bigger breasts. I kind of got the short end of the stick I guess. Any rate enough back story - on with the show.

My family knew full well that I was a lesbian. My brother thought it was cool, my sister was thoughtful, my mother supportive and my dad well I'm not sure what he thought. I had dated a bit before this incident but nothing serious. As a senior in high school the sexual goddess who filled my thoughts was Jessica Carter my sister's 21 year old best friend.

She was beautiful, dark hair, blue eyes, smart, funny and completely out of my league. Just being around her was enough to make me cream my little panties. Often she would come to visit and I would make a complete nuisance of myself, like some lovesick puppy, until finally my sister would have to get my mother involved to bring me it to a halt! Down girl, down! Then I would sneak off to my room and finger myself to a mind blowing orgasm.

It was a few weeks before my graduation when something happened - I made the biggest mistake of my life that ended up being the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me. I had been lazing about the house one Saturday not really doing much of anything. My brother was gone and my mother was at work. Sarah and Jessica came, flying through the door. They had been out shopping and were going to go to the movies and dinner with a couple of guys. God she was gorgeous - she had on these low rise jeans and a white t-shirt that formed itself to her breasts. She was also wearing this perfume that smelled divine. I felt my pussy moisten and I'm sure I was drooling. I was kind of hanging out, listening to them not really looking at Jessica (as I said I was kind of infatuated with her and didn't want to creep her out) the conversation revolved around life in college, boys they knew, their jobs, etc. They headed to Sarah's room to change and get ready for the night out.

It didn't seem that long until they were out the door and I was left alone with the smell of Jessica's perfume in the air and naughty thoughts in my head. To this day I'm still not sure what I was thinking.
If I was a guy I would say I was thinking with my dick - so I guess I was thinking with my pussy? Either way I wound up in Sarah's room. As I walked in the first thing I noticed was Jessica's clothes in a pile near my sister's night stand. Not really thinking about it I went to check the label on her jeans (hey they were really cute jeans) when I noticed that she must have changed panties as well, because there inside her jeans was a white thong. With trembling hands I pulled them out of her discarded jeans. They were pretty wet in the crotch. I think that was about the time my brain shut down completely and naughty Tiffany took over.

I brought the wet crotch of her panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. God it smelled so damn good, I nearly swooned. Before I knew it I was pushing my own pants and panties to my knees. I kneeled down right there with her panties pressed to my face. I was so turned on that as soon as I touched myself, I came. "Holy shit" I exclaimed.
Figuring I could get at least one more orgasm in. I slipped my finger into my pussy and rocked my hips backwards fingering myself in earnest. I peaked quickly talking dirty to my unseen lover. Finally I screamed my release "Oh God I'm Cumming"! As I lay there with my pussy dripping, my heart pounding, I brought the crotch of her panties to my mouth and sucked on them.
"What the hell are you doing with my panties?"

I looked behind me and my sister Sarah was standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips and a look of surprise on her face. I looked at her and then at the panties in my hand and said something really articulate, like "gulping" my face turning redder than my hair. Dropping her panties and pulling up my pants I bolted from the room. I was mortified. How could I have made such a mistake?

I lay on my bed with thoughts of running away from home prevalent in my mind. I seriously considered joining the army. Hey don't ask, don't tell and boy did I have a secret to not tell. Sometime later I heard the shower start up. Sarah and I shared a bathroom, I think they call it a Jack and Jill bathroom, but my door was shut. Never to be opened again if I was fortunate. Sometime later Sarah came to my room.

"Tiff can we talk?" she asked.

"Sure. That is if you ever want to talk to me again, that is." I whispered. Even though it was still pretty early she was dressed in a night shirt.

"Don't be silly" she smiled at me.

"I thought they were Jessica's." I blurted out.

"I thought as much. You've got it pretty bad for her." She smiled.

"Why are you home?' I demanded. "I don't understand how I messed up what you guys were wearing?"

"Jessica got a call that her Aunt is in the hospital and since I didn't feel like going out with 2 guys, I came home. As to the clothes, I don't know but we were dressed pretty similar though. The clothes she changed out of, she took with her." She said.

"Oh!" I shrugged.

"Come on!" she said, "letís, make a pizza and watch movies"
And just like that everything was better.
We were watching some flick on TV and talking. The conversation got back to Jessica.
"I'm sorry Tiff I know you have a crush on her, but Jessica just doesn't lean, that way." Sarah said.
"How do you know?" I asked.

Because she and I have talked about it silly.

"Oh! Wait, about it with each other?"

She laughed, "No. We discussed it right after you came out. She said that she could never fall for a girl. She would miss dick too much!"

I was crestfallen, "you should have told her don't knock it till you tried it!"

"I did!" She said smiling.
"You did?" I asked.

Yep. I could see myself with a girl. I can certainly see why you are attracted to Jessica. Of course I would be bisexual because I would miss dick too much!" we both laughed. I will even admit that seeing you earlier had been the one of the hottest things I have ever seen!

Really I was flabbergasted never in my wildest dreams would I have thought to be having this conversation with my sister.

You aren't the only one who is sexually adventurous little sis! We were silent for awhile.
Then she asked, can I ask you something? Promise you won't think itís too weird? she looked vulnerable and beautiful all at the same time.

Of course you can.

Did I you know smell ok? I mean it wasn't yucky or anything was it?

I looked closely at her. This was my big sister here. I remember she beat up Vicki Bow linger for me when I was in the fourth grade. Vicki had decided to bully me for being a shy awkward kid and suddenly all the love I felt for her came out. You smelled and tasted absolutely wonderful! Better than anyone else I have known!

Really! Go on how many girls have actually? You know!
Well only 2 but you certainly were the best!

She was blushing, who?
Amber Riley and Connie Thorton!

Amber Riley!? Oh my god. I didn't know she was a lesbian.

Amber Riley was one of the most popular girls in school. Cheer Captain, Treasurer for the Senior School council, etc.

She's not. She's bisexual but I think she got off on the power. She had me eat her pussy after we went to state. She sounds like a chipmunk when she cumís.

We both were laughing. Then "Nobody has ever done that for me eat my pussy that is.
That's why I asked and suddenly our laughter was gone.
Probably because you're dating a bunch of inconsiderate jerks!

Sarah I can honestly say you smelled and tasted wonderful! I was looking fully into her eyes, my face pretty close to hers when I said it.

Thanks little sis, she whispered it. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The kiss lasted pretty long. She then got up and stretched. When she did her night shirt rode up far enough for me to see she was wearing the same white thong that I had masturbated with earlier. She looked back at me and smiled I'm going to bed, Night!

About 5 minutes later I headed to my room. The conversation with Sarah was replaying in my mind the flash of her little white panties and how they smelled and tasted. I realized that I was soaked. I had changed into a pair of shorts before Sarah and I started our pizza and movie night.

When I got to my room the first thing I did was remove my shorts and then my dripping panties. I went to put a night shirt on and realized my bathroom door was open. I hadn't opened it earlier but definitely remember it being shut and locked. As I got closer to the door I heard the unmistakable sound of a vibrator and moans coming from my sisters, room.

I crept into the bathroom and then to my sisters door. She was lying on her bed. Night shirt pushed up and white panties still on but pulled to the side. She was running a vibrator up and down her shaven wet pussy lips. Her other hand was massaging her breasts. Every few moments she would slide the vibe into her pussy or bring it up to her mouth and suck on it. She was stunning as all hell.

Before I knew it I was fingering myself right along with her. I looked up and saw she was looking at me. She brought the vibe white and creamy with her own juices to her mouth and licked the length of it. I moaned "oh god!" She reached down and slid her panties completely off then threw them in my direction.

Her pussy was completely shaven, wet and beautiful. I don't know if she thought I would go after her panties or what but our earlier conversation came back to me. I hurried across the room and laid, down between her spread thighs. She looked pretty surprised, Tiff! What, oh god! She broke off when my tongue slid up her pussy lips.

Whatever she was going to say was lost in our combined moans while I tasted the most wonderful pussy ever. It tasted 100 times better straight from the source. No 1000 times better. I pushed her legs up, determined that the first time she had her pussy eaten would be best.

I was eating her out like I was starved and pussy juice was my only nourishment. It was coming out of her so fast it was like somebody had turned on a faucet. Her juices flowed down into valley where her little asshole rested and I licked that as well. The whole time she was moaning and saying my name over and over. "Tiff, Tiff, Tiffany..."
Finally she came so hard she squirted all over my face and either passed out or went right to sleep.

I came out of my dazed state shocked at what I had done. My face was soaked, her bed was soaked, Sarah was soaked and my pussy was soaked as well. I kept repeating it over and over in my mind like some kind of a mantra. I just ate my sisters, pussy. I just ate my sisters, pussy. Shit, shit, shit. Sarah was still out of it as I stumbled back to my own bed. I laid, down and was out in about 3 seconds.

I woke up not sure where I was, to the feel of someone licking my pussy. I looked down into my sister's eyes and she smiled at me. "Sarah? What?"
Shhh! she said, I was always curious what this tasted like and I'm returning the favor. Just relax!

Her tongue slid between my lips and into my pussy as far as it would go. What she lacked in technique was more than made up by her enthusiasm and the fact that she kept talking dirty to me. "Oh God sis your pussy tastes so good. I always taste myself when I masturbate but you taste so much betterĒ she was moaning and fingering herself and rubbing my clit. It was like she had 3 hands. Do you like that? Huh? You like having your big sister eat your pussy? Oh God this is so naughty! Cum for me baby cum in your sisters mouth, and I came a torrent, a flood it was the greatest orgasm I had
ever had up to then.

After I came down she moved up and kissed me on the lips sliding her tongue into mouth. I love you sis, thank you for everything she whispered.

I love you too I stated and then, I think I'm over Jessica.

Now as I said some of this is true and the exact percentage well I don't know what that is but everything up to my eating my sisters pussy did indeed happen. I only wish I had had the guts to go in and eat her pussy. We did have a couple of more adventures.

This bother you never knew.

Love you bother

Your loving sister buy I be watching over you.
Written by nutbuster (D C)
Author's Note
And I thought I knew my sister goes to show one dose not know their family all that well either way i love them with all my heart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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