GREEN Chapter Two

Olive Spectrum was a plain looking black woman in her 30's who lived a very plain life.  She always looked forward to Saturday.  A day she would spend at the Golden Scissors getting her hair done and talking with Jewel Stone Wall her childhood friend.  When Saturday rolled around Olive hopped out of bed and got ready for her hair appointment.
On her way to the Golden Scissors Olive thought about how Jewel have been trying to get her to get Dreadlocks.  "Jewel said I should try something different.  I guess I'll be getting Dreadlocks" said Olive.  As Olive parked her red BMW in the parking lot of the Golden Scissors she noticed she was Jewel's first client.  Now only if it would stay like this thought Olive.
Olive opened the doors to the hair salon and saw Jewel sitting in her chair as if she was a client waiting to get her hair done.  "Jewel if you don't get off your lazy butt and get started on my hair" said Olive as she entered the Golden Scissors.  "Olive hush your mouth before I make you turn around and leave" said Jewel as she rose to her feet.
Olive rolled her eyes, waved her hands in the air, pranced over to Jewel and tugged on her hair.  "I've decided to let you dread my hair.  You're right it's time for a change" said Olive as she raked her fingers through Jewel's hair.  Jewel placed her hands on her hips and said "It's about time.  Place your butt in my chair so I can get started."
"Oh yeah I got a fish on the line" Olive told Jewel as she sat down.  Jewel dragged the comb through Olive's hair and said "Mmmm do tell Olive and don't leave nothing out."  "I won't and by the way dye the tip of my dreads red.  This new face came into the bank today.  A tall good looking brother by the name of Akurra Wings.  He opened a checking and a savings account" said Olive.
As Jewel twisted Olive's hair she asked the question "Did you ask him out?"  "Not yet.  The next time he come in I'll ask" answered Olive.  "What does he look like?  C'mon Olive I need details" said Jewel.  "He's tall around six feet, light skin, and has a brush cut" said Olive.  "Mmmmm he sounds yummy.  Will you get in trouble if you date him?" asked Jewel.  "I don't think so and it's nobody's business who I date" answered Olive.  With a concerned look on her face Jewel said "I just want to make sure you don't get in trouble."  "Jewel we don't hang out that much any more.  We need to get together and do something" said Olive.  "With me working all the time Olive I don't have that much time.  Because of who you are I'll make time" said Jewel.
When Jewel Stone Wall finally got finished with Olive's hair it was 1:00pm.  "Take a look in the mirror Olive and tell me what you think" said Jewel as she took a step back.  Olive rosed to her feet and looked in the mirror.  "Wow Jewel if I knew I looked this good with Dreadlocks I would have gotten them a long time ago" said Olive as she stared at herself in the mirror.  "What else are you doing today?" asked Jewel.  "I'm going shopping.  I need a new outfit" answered Olive as she paid Jewel for doing her hair.  "We'll get together Olive.  Just let me move things around on my schedule" said Jewel.  "Yeah sure Jewel" said Olive.  Olive got back in her car and drove to the clothing store New Fashions.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Written by KeithEdBaucum
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