The Princess’s future husband was really upset…so much so that he called the King and asked if he could go hunting on the Royal estate.
Although he did not mention it to the King, he had heard that two days ago the Princess had kissed a frog  that  had turned into a young Prince and although the youngster was still wet behind the ears, he and the Princess were becoming close.
The elder Prince had decided to impress the heck out of the Princess by going hunting and bringing back the body of the Troll that had been troubling the Kingdom. He told his troubles to his best friend and admirer who said that he would accompany him in search of the Troll.
After a days fruitless hunting they only had two bullets left and saved them for any emergency that might arise on their long return journey to the Castle.
When they were on a hill overlooking the Castle the Prince’s friend looked through his riflescope to get a better view.
‘’I can see into the Princess’s bedroom’’ he declared.
‘’What can you see?’’ said the Prince hoping for a peek himself.
‘’She is on the bed with that young Prince.’’
‘’What are they doing and how do you know it is the young Prince?’’
‘’I can see his stretch marks and they are watching a blue movie.’’
‘’I didn’t know that she was into Spawn so much.’’ The Prince retorted angrily and then said. ‘’And what are they doing now?’’
‘’He is trying to touch her, but he keeps slipping off of her whenever he tries to get intimate.’’ His friend replied and then…’’Wait a minute he has got a  single small bottle marked  what looks ‘Sodium flavouring’, and his wrinkles are disappearing fast.’’
‘’Oh no! that is the last straw. I have heard about this before. Normally it is not possible for a Prince that was a frog to mate for a long time because he slips off. But this is too much. Shoot her in the head and him in the balls.’’ He said in a blind fury.
The Prince’s friend levelled his rifle and fired a single shot.
‘’Job done.’’ He said smugly and went on to say.
‘’But, why did you get so angry at that bottle.’’
The Prince replied….
‘’ All the young prince would have needed is…

Mono Sodium Glue to Mate.’’
Written by SuiGen (Terry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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