Execution of Power

Fuck you and the throne you stand on
Fuck the words that seep from your lips
Fuck the holy ground your feet walk upon
To hell with the sluts that rest on your hips

Sick of feeling like your piece of nothing
A thing that is used and given no thought
The weight of your throne under me, crushing
Soon to feel the rising fire of a heart left to rot

Your happiness means nothing to me
Your fear will only make me stronger
Numb, what you've wanted me to be
Successful and I feel nothing any longer

So scream for your guards, the ones to protect you
Your precious crown crumbles as you break and crack
Wheres your confidence? Spilling thick with a red hue
Dripping down my hands watching your corpse go slack

Blood filled hands and revenge filled screams
Your bones spilt, flesh rips, heart continues to beat
Eyes shake trying to awaken from this horrible dream
It's real you piece of shit, here's one thing you can't cheat

Heart slows as your essence starts to run thin
A laugh bellows as your life withers away for me to observe
Such a shame to damage that oh so perfect skin
Shriveling into nothing just like I was, numb to the nerve

Eyes and heart black as a beaten and ruptured soul tears away
Forgetting what it means to feel remorse or regret
The lies everyone believed and the promises you would say
My life without morality making you easy to forget

Slicing open your precious skin open for pests to devour
Eating away your existence as a smile spreads across my face
Stabbing and ripping into the pitiful human shell of a liar
A "righteous"  life taken from the hands of a disgrace
Written by VooDoo
Published | Edited 23rd Sep 2014
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