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Dark Angel 2

[i]My beautiful Dark Angel, laying still in your coffin.
Fiery Ice in your veins, where warm human blood once flowed.
With eternal eyes, I watch in ecstasy as cell by cell, the mortal human tissue is replaced by alabaster perfection.  
In awe, I witness skin imperfections vanish, scars and bruises disappearing… had so many, my beautiful Dark Angel.

And I remember every scar’s story….oh yes, I have stalked you for so long you see, my Dark Beauty.  During the cold rainy nights at the orphanage, I watched in the dark, as the janitor man-beast gave you more scars, inside and out, as he raped and beat you…again and again.  You still cannot hear his screams, down below in the deep dungeons of my lair,  he awaits his reward…you see my Dark Angel, I am the most caring and thoughtful eternal consort, I take care of…everything, every little detail. We immortals need feeding…and amusement also.

I also know about your sweet roommate, oh how lovingly she  held you after every “session” with the man-beast…..i nearly lost my self-control many times as I watched your sultry lips go all red and swollen when you kissed so tenderly…then your nipples and velvet folds…your hearts pumping blood, as you kindled each other’s passion….oh, the red rage almost overwhelmed me….but I am a patient Soul, I can wait…and savor every second…of Eternity….
She’s here too you know…chained just feet away from your coffin, what perfect husband would I be if I wouldn’t have sustenance readily available for you my Dark Love, right when you’ll need it the most…when you first awaken into Infinity….so soon now…

Your eyes open wide in Undeath.  Unblinking, you look. Unthinking, you leap.  Faster than the eye can see,  to quench the Thirst. Your sweet roommate has merely time to scream as you fly unto her, mouth open wide, fangs aching to sink into soft  young luscious flesh…

Strong chains stop you just inches away from your prey. Oh yes my beautiful Dark Angel, I am the most caring lover…and the perfect sadist as you’ll soon learn. And i always claim first blood. Be patient, I will slice her tender neck a bit and feed you soon…drop by drop….

I am your Master, my beautiful Dark Angel. And your training has just be

Written by AlienScum
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