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"You Don't Want The Opinion of Another Writer"

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Dangerous Mind
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flowery pros

I read thIer works
and I recoil reviled
of wonderful sex
and romance facile

though critics may say
and there gums may bleed
pink Barbra Cartland roots
spreading the seed
Written by slipalong
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Fire of Insight
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Mind Sex

The way the pen hits the desk
And releases the ink into text  
From the tip of my cerebral cortex  
Is the mind sex I’m givin’  
To the masses that’s livin’  
Not knowin’,  
If you’re not lovin’ what you’re writin’
you’re hoein’  
Like a cheap trick  
Bend over and take this lyrical dick  
With no kiss or lubrication  
You’re lackin’ the love
not the education  
To receive the elevation  
A higher state of being...  
A higher state of knowing...  
A higher level of consciousness...  
Release your mind from it’s prison  
Your minds locked up
into a society of ignorance  
And poetry is the key that I’m givin’  
Set your mind free  
And freak the masses with your poetry  
Unleashing your wisdom  
Teaching the children  
Or the childlike  
Doesn’t matter if you can
or can’t bless the mic
As long as you can bless the page  
With your tamed or untamed rage  
Rage for the rage-less...  
Age for the ageless...  
Names for the nameless...  
Game for the game-less...  
Mind sex for the virgin  
Locked in the whirlwind
of the knowledge-less  
Ignorance of deception  
The problems with the programming  
Not the reception  
I hope you learn your lesson  
Before you waste another page
Written by Lyrically_Inclined
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Tyrant of Words
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Come Out of Your Shell

How do I compare myself to thee?
Oh there can be so many ways,
I’ll never know how good or bad I am,
Until I read and have been read.

I’ve always wanted honest feedback,
But if you hate what does that say about yourself?
I mean it’s ok to be a little envious,
But if you laugh it pushes me to improve myself.

I guess in the sense of feeling jealousy,
Simply means it’s a compliment as well,
It all depends on your own views and style,
But it’s sure to make you come out of your shell.

Hell, tell it like it is, don’t be afraid to admit it,
Recognize when someone else’s work is good,
It should teach a lesson and hope shouldn’t lessen,
Or else crushed aspirations will never be understood.

If you hate it embrace it and let it sink in,
Learn to appreciate good work and not be so bitter.
If it’s bad criticize constructively, you’ll find it useful,
But good work should inspire you to do better.

Maybe one day in the future after we’re all gone,
We’ll inspire them.

Tyrant of Words
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on my tab

on my tab

we rarely spoke

why should we

truth be told I didn't give a shit about your problems
and I know you didn't give a fuck about mine

the saturnine faces of whores painted in deception
are neither a bridge nor chasm between us
the residue of libertine lips on my glass
forces my eyes around the room wondering


i drank it anyway
it's the only way I'll know such pleasure

my sweet Irish sparrow pretends though
her wisps of auburn trace my lips
and flare my nostrils

whore that she is
she can be shared
so I send her over to you
you nod your approval
but you don't give a shit
she's just another whore

tonight I'm her pimp
and you
and i
will pretend to be brothers
though we've never pissed the same bed
nor watched the same drunkard beat mum

that hollow part in our soul
that doesn't really give a shit
is twined

blood and semen
the residuals of the painted ones
makes for the best ink

I used Bukowski's "two kinds of hell" as a springboard ...

Written by LobodeSanPedro
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... grey conversations with Jimmy at Les Deux Magots

We slipped into each other's skin
the way a friend lends you his Burberry
on a rainy day
There are
And were no judgements
on roads we've slogged
Knee deep in the agony
And endured

He's a runaway
Same as me
Uncle Sam can't stand Negroes
like us on his plantation
He tries to work us
Don't dare breed us
Cause the disease that's an abomination
before God
Might run through
deep in the blood

We talk about those who marry lies
Just so they might live
To have nights in the arms
of their true lovers  

Get it beat out
Cut out
Or cut off
Massa don't care

Good is good
Bad is bad
For the Bible tells us so

but I do miss
The voices of the choir
They soothed me so

So did Brother Paterson
a good deacon no less
Trapped in his lie

A man

I Am
A Man

Here comes Richard

Note: This was inspired by the feud between Richard Wright and James Baldwin while they were “exiled” in Paris.

Tyrant of Words
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Many thanks to cloventongue89 for hosting this challenge, and giving me an opportunity to share my perspectives on two fascinating writers.


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