Erotic Pain

Laughing, she threw open her door and ushered him in, taking care not to stand on her skirt as she followed him inside and closed the door. He had barely turned to face her before she was on him, kissing hungrily and pulling at his shirt. He kissed her back and allowed himself to be pushed back onto the chair as she tore his shirt off, leaving claw marks down his chest. She threw the remnants of the shirt aside and ran her tongue up his torso, catching the blood that was already beading there. He tipped his head back and moaned softly, feeling her tongue dipping towards the waistband of his jeans.

Abruptly she pulled her head up and kissed him forcefully, lifting her skirt out of the way as she straddled him. Pulling a rope out up off the floor, she fastened his wrists to the bars of the chair, chafing the skin slightly. Still she refused to remove either her corset or her skirt but stayed on his lap, biting down his neck gently at first then rougher as she strove for the blood underneath. He dipped his head, trying to repay her but she drew a blindfold over his eyes and got off him.

He waited, the anticipation agonising. There was a brief caress of cool skin on the back of his neck and he shivered involuntarily. Something hot, then cold seared across his shoulder, and he felt her run her tongue over the wound. She withdrew again, and he could feel his blood starting to trickle out before she made her presence known again, this time by a swift, deep bite to his neck. He cried out in pleasure and she switched location, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.

Once again she withdrew and he waited, straining his ears for any sound of her. He felt her throw her legs over him and settle in his lap again, and again came the hot pain, this time on his chest. She bent her head and started to lap at the fresh wound, alternating between the one on his shoulder and the fresh one on his chest. Slowly, he felt her shift position on his lap, and he winced as his body reacted. She tensed, clearly feeling it too, and moved again, ever so slightly. He moaned at the sensation, and he felt her breathing change as she started to rock, pressing her pelvis into him with every forward motion. She pressed herself against him and he felt the bones of her corset against his body. Her hands started to explore his body, tracing gently over every bone before clawing him deeply without warning. His moans intensified, and she kissed him fiercely before taping his mouth shut. Ignoring his blood for the time being, she continued her exploration, keeping her caresses feather-light. He twitched every time she touched a sensitive spot, and she started to nip him gently all over. Her hands strayed towards his belt and she pulled it off easily, quick fingers already undoing his jeans. She gently slid her fingers past the waistband of his boxers, and he froze as he felt her cool fingers stroke along his length. She withdrew her hand, and before the ecstasy overwhelmed him he heard her whisper:

“Scream for me, my lovely…”
Written by Mrs_Sin (Lillith)
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