Oh can't you tell I haven't
slept very well since the last
time that we spoke and I say I know
it may be hell but just hold on...
please...stay..stay with me
promise you'll never walk away..
if i fall promise me that you'll
never let go take me by the hand and
always keep hold im in dark place with
an undertow pulling me slow I'm a wreck
you're the cause you're what makes me
a mess I hate you I love you I'm miserable
at best if you left I'd be lost an effect
without a cause an open wound without the
gauze I hold on to something I know I'll
never have a hope to hold on to a dream
framed in glass I'm torn open you were my
stitches keeping me closed but now you're
faded just a fog just a  runaway ghost a
force fed lie i believed to be real now i
let myself bleed to just know how to feel
cause you were my passion my life my love
i give you everything but no its not ever
enough to make you smile to make your heart
beat wild im just a boy spilling his heart
out to you I given you my life my word yet
you don't have a clue I want you to stay
cause without you I'd never last but now
I'm starting to feel like you've left me
behind my loves just your past your love
isn't in me yes I have already come to grasp
the possibility that you will move on and soon
leave me behind I will just be that boy who laid
his Heart out on the line and you will be that
girl who never realized I want to believe there
is a future for "Us" but that seems to be a dream
that won't ever last just a hope in my mind that
cuts my heart like glass you're all I have and
I'm slowly losing I'm slowly losing you but I wont
admit to that truth not yet not until it strikes
then I'll let go I don't care Id be better off dead
without you I have nothing you are all I have left
like a moth to a flame in addicted to your light I'm
an addict for your "love" it's a rush that gets me high
but when I start to think of the distance between you
and I the oceans in my eyes starts to drown me every
night 'til I'm at the bottom of the bottle that I swore
I'd never touch but I'm so far gone how could
I ever give a fuck I know you say you care I know
you you've said it a thousand times but im sorry I'm
starting to think its all a lie I give and I push I bend
and I break I give you everything god what the fuck
does it take for you to open up to show how you feel
I'm a sinking ship with no one at the wheel you're the
storm that I slowly circle around until the waves of your
silence start crashing down and in the aftermath of it all
your waters causes me to drown..I have a way with words
but these words I could never say I can't bring myself to
say them at least not to your face..I want nothing more than
to make this last I'd give everything for you to understand
my hearts in your hands..I've opened myself up to you
like never before all I want is you to never let go to
understand that if you care if you truly love then let
it show open up like I have to you..I need to know..
I never know..but I'm willing to wait..I'm willing to wait
how ever long it takes..but promise me one thing..
please..please promise you'll stay..

Written by OH-Abigail666 (Cooper Fowler)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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