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Safe Haven

Lightning flashes, thunder rolls, I wake with a start
clutching a hand over my rapidly beating heart
a storm rages outside, and I’m breathing fast
another crash startles - how long this will last?
Your hand on my shoulder reassures me anew
and I relax back into the warmth that is you
nuzzling my neck, whispering so I can hear
words of tendern
ess, passion and love in my ear
Hot breath tickles, a shiver runs down my spine
you chuckle, staking your claim, “You’re mine…”
shuddering as your fingertips dance across my skin
and feelings of love replace the fear within
Down the side of my neck you brush a soft kiss
I melt into your arms in such utter bliss
you enfold me in the warmth of your embrace
and I turn my head so we’re face to face
Your mouth captures mine with fierce passion
wet heat invades, and after a fashion
you lower me slowly back onto the bed
a hand guiding, cradling the back of my head
Tugging my nipple between your teeth
quick pain followe
d by warm, wet relief
I arch into you as my breath hisses out
tongue curls ‘round my nipple, makes me shout
You journey down lower, taking a trip south
fingers graze your head as you open your hot mouth
a shiver runs through me from head to toe
feel you smile 'gainst my skin, the first flick so slow
Exploring my folds at an unhurried pace
but never staying long enough in one place

hips writhing and wriggling underneath you
moaning out my pleasure is all I can do
I beg you to slide your cock into me
you hold me captive, I’ve no wish to be free
head thrashes side to side, tongue flicking quickly
bringing me right to the very edge of ecstasy
Your name is now a chant on my lips
your hands bite my flesh, pinning down my hips
long, leisurely licks slow down the ride
groan in agony, my longing, I can’t hide
Lightning strikes illuminating the room
thunder resounds as the orgasm blooms
deep in my core it begins like a wave
exploding like dynamite from my woman’s cave
My body tenses, then shakes like a leaf
a soft kiss to my temple is the only relief
you offer as you rise up over top of me
first probing, then thrusting your cock into me
Driving into my sheath with relentless speed
creating a torturous, mindless need
my nails bite your flesh as my fingers grasp
each of my breaths come out as a gasp
You roll us to the side, your lips search out mine
you continue to thrust as our tongues entwine
my arms wrap around your broad back
with you here, heaven is found in the pitch black
Lightning strikes once more, makes your eyes shine
I see to your soul and know you’re truly mine
your shaft glides easily through my woman’s dew
Further awakening my desire for you
One last thrust you bury your cock deep
I cry out, the pleasure making me weep
your hot cum spurts inside of me
I cling to you, love being joined to your body
You whisper the words I need to hear
as you stroke some hair back behind my ear
I bury my head under your chin
hugging you, keeping you deep within
Rain pelts the window, my breath hot on your chest
my heart beating a staccato ‘gainst my breast
bodies entwined, we stay as we are
breathing slows, knowing sleep isn’t far
Drop a kiss to my hair, love spears my heart
secure in your arms, never want to be apart
your love makes me feel safe and whole
you are the one who completes my soul
Written by Boothang88 (Shyanne Nicole)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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