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Sex Poems

A community for the dirtier side of poetry. Read and share sex poems and erotica.

Published on 16th July 2009 6:07am
Written by JDreamer
fire to black excites the blood
desire light ecstasy dark
in the moment of sex and passion
i am mesmerized by her
tender breasts curved thigh
the abyss
hot soft delicate
i plunge in silently and kiss her
she bridges the gap
between my soul and my existence
discover flood liberate swell
take time to touch me
let me bathe in your beauty
in the silence of the night
let you gaze drop
from my eyes to my body
dream with me
you are my lost angel
fallen goddess
i tremble now, delirious with delight
i watch a bead of sweat...
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poet JDreamer

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Published on 16th July 2009 9:09pm
Written by ShawnSprayberry
I miss the
run around the roomÖ
I miss
hands on my soft places
while music soothes the gentle beast
and ointment
nudges him awake.
I miss you
and the thousand yard stare you give
from so much head
and swallowing seed love tap.
I miss you
and the way you look at 69
or wrapped around my hands
in the dark that I never break
for fear you may not be real.
I miss all that
yet I do nothing about it.

poem was originally posted on Deep Underground 05/17/2000
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poet ShawnSprayberry

Published on 1st September 2009 8:57am
Written by starlight-silence
I am broken open and spread
A juicy pomegranate to be bled
Into hungry mouths Iím fed
Running over lips in
Long narrow drips,
My fruity liquid slips
Like a ruby red wine.
The curvature of my spine
Bends with the design
Of the palm of your hand
While the moon resides on your ceiling and
Glow-stick-stars stare down firsthand
Ravenous eyes seem to understand
All that was once despised
By ripe pulp and soft thighs
Has been suddenly apprised
Hopefully you will handle the sin
Pulsing from my seeds within
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poet starlight-silence

Published on 1st September 2009 10:59am
Written by Mentaly_unsound
Shred through her defense, take control,
Tear at her flesh, tug at her soul,
Rip off her clothes, pull her in,
No need for remorse, committing sin,
Grip her hair, pull it to the side,
Teeth into her neck, nothing denied,
Explore her curves, feel her skin,
Touch her deep, feeling within,
Grasp her tight, fingers thrashing,
Scratch up her spine, nails lashing,
Kiss her lips, look into her eyes,
Tongue against hers, quivering thighs,
Spin her around, bend her down,
Lick her softly, moving to the ground,
Tongue twirling, her...
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poet Mentaly_unsound


DU Poetry : Sex Poems

Published on 22nd February 2010 4:01pm
Written by L_Munro
You lost your soul
writhing in my bed,
we were seventeen
in a sex-scented heaven
between my sheets. 

The only heaven
youíll ever know. 

Iím pre-marital sex,
birth control pills,
a third sin,
I forget what. 

Every Sunday you went
to hear a priest rant, 

I stayed home
thinking about
you beneath me. 

At least Iím honest,
the avowed atheist,
I never hid my rebellion
beneath red satin panties
and rosary beads.
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poet L_Munro

Published on 23rd July 2011 5:38pm
Written by firemonkey
The thing I always liked about you was you that you never refused me sex
You have no idea how sensual it was to know that this woman who was sex on legs was always ready willing and able to satisfy my every sexual desire
I was really turned on finding out whether there were any limits
You bowled me over by revealing that I could have you anytime I desired
My special woman, available for me to love cherishes and provide for
It is difficult to express how empowered I feel knowing that you are my woman
To honour protect and look after for the rest of our lives together...
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poet firemonkey

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