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Depressing Poems

Deep Underground Poetry Community, the harder side of poetry. Share dark and depressing poems. Forums and poets profiles.

Published on 8th September 2009 2:36am
Written by Alice,Lucy,Raven (RavenBlack)
Sitting in a cold damp cage
Too small for comforts woe
I lay doing all I can
To keep holding on
Atleast 'till morning
Our "caretakers" abuse us
They are truly evil
And like demons in the night
They steal our pups
Our pride and joy
Whom we never see again
But I digress
I hold no hate
Because I have hope
For a brighter future
Not for me
But for my pups
They will live the better life
With people to love and who care
They are the reason I sacrifice
Every day to these monsters
To live a life worth...
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poet RavenBlack

Published on 19th January 2010 1:03pm
Written by Abra (Abracadabra)
Some twat on TV  
blurted it out:  
Yesterday is always  
the most depressing  
day of the year  
While the Jews are tunnelling  
under East Jerusalem  
we need huge mirrors in space  
to reflect the effects of global warming  
and push too hot to handle  
to a different corner of the universe  
that's anywhere else but here  
Lost generations are in debt forever  
mourning the death of the pub   ...
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poet Abracadabra

Published on 16th December 2010 6:52am
Written by stryder
Broken wings maintain me down on rocky ground,
Far below the clear blue skies I wish to soar,
Frightened that my feathered appendages would
transform to wax if I rose too high,
No way to reach that pie in the sky.
Wings beaten down by toil, regret and despair,
What once lifted me now a depressing reminder of former self,
Wallowing in the ditches, pits and wells of this crooked landscape,
Averting from sunlight, searching for the gloom.
As a boy I looked up at the clouds with awe and wonder,
Conjuring images from their creamy fluffiness,...
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poet stryder

Published on 19th January 2011 00:30am
Written by Leaking Abattoir (ImperfectedStone)
Screaming revolt for a wine debauchery, social adultery, a mid-youth cemetery
Quiet races for flags of gold and red and cobalt blue, acknowledgement to the masses.
Her fame, his glory, their greed.
Where innocence is laid upon a ten year olds thighs and spread on a rhino for the modern mammal and his sickness.
Paid. Signed. Sealed. Unrecieved.
Promises broken so quickly by airheads and bureaucrats and the other half of the population, all mentally ill with something.
What beauty lies in fish bowls now when goldfish floats on top, its little eyes bulging, for six year...
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poet ImperfectedStone


DU Poetry : Depressing Poems

Published on 20th May 2011 3:33pm
Written by Ray
Am I alive or am I dead
My greatest regrets repeating
in my head. Felling so empty and
cold, like a puddle of my own blood
forming the sillihoute of a mold.
Wondering if I'll ever be missed,
trapped in my own darkness,
lost lucidity of my mind.
The depression, a war in time.
Counting down the days left on
my life line. Lost in all these silly
rhymes. Trying to breath, but no
longer living. Lost all hope,
lost all meaning.
Confused with what is real,
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poet Ray

Published on 23rd June 2011 1:40pm
Written by Chrisella Payne (Lifeless_Loveless)
In this dark, lonely room,
I go to at night;
I write these dark, depressing poems,
Hoping you wont catch a sight;
I call it my shadowland,
Although there are no shadows;
Its actually pitch black,
which is why no one follows;
If there were followers,
I would not hold them captive;
The only thing in captivity,
Is the screams and tears i bleed;
My shadowland is indeed spirit free,
If it was not;
My place for drowning out things,
It would not be;
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poet Lifeless_Loveless

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