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Can I include lyrics from a band's song if I give credit in a letter I'm writing?

I want to post a letter I wrote on DU, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to because I use lyrics from a song that was written by a favorite band of mine. In the letter I give credit to the band and cite the name of the song. The quote is an integral part of the letter, so I don't want to post it if I can't have the quote. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
As long as you give credit to the author/writer of a quote or submission that isn't entirely your own write, then it's acceptable. It's no different than writing a report or essay and citing your sources, but when sources aren't cited, then that's when it's considered plagiarism.
    Added: 17th January 2016 6:10am
    Last modified: 17th January 2016 12:38pm