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What do I do if some other person posts my work on DU under their name?

My work was posted on DU without my consent. I'd like it removed. How does that happen?
Plagiarism is an issue which DU takes very seriously. DU Poetry has a policy (as outlined in the terms and conditions shown when members join) to remove copyrighted material which has been posted here, within a reasonable time frame, from when it was brought to out attention by the copyright owner, and to ban any members who persistently submit such material.

Please contact the moderators, via this help section, with the link to where your work was posted on DU Poetry, and a link to where it was posted elsewhere. The poetry will be removed from DU in a timely manner and the offending member dealt with.
    Added: 21st November 2013 9:49pm
    Last modified: 13th June 2016 5:13pm