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How do I print my poems?

You can print them using the print functionality in your web browser.

If you wish to obtain a printer-friendly version of the page (simpler, with generic page content omitted) you can follow these instructions:

  • On your poem page locate the icons under the text Share This Page. On larger devices (e.g. laptops) this will be in the left column, on smaller devices (e.g. mobiles) it will be at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the right most icon to see more options.
  • Search for and select "PrintFriendly"
  • This will generate a print-friendly version of the page.

    Please note, this is a third party tool, which is not specifically configured to work with every page on Deep Underground Poetry, so results may vary!

    • Added: 29th June 2017 1:06pm
      Last modified: 14th May 2018 00:39am