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Poet Introduction

I am a rank amateur, a Johnny-come-lately to writing. I have no education or experience in the skills of prose or poetry and so will gladly accept all the help and advice that others are willing to share.

About Me

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I have an overblown sense of my own importance, forever believing that I can say or do whatever I choose without giving regard to the consequences. I have a perfected adeptness of running my mouth twice as fast as my brain is capable of competing, will regularly upset, demean, disrespect, ignore others feelings and sensitivities.
I have a quick temper, limited patience and a total inability to show compassion or understanding towards others.
I have a pen-chant for writing personally insulting items, usually sexual ( not erotic), violently graphic and saturated with expletives.
I lack any sense of morality, objective or otherwise, consider absolutely nothing sacrosanct, have no faiths, religions, beliefs or credo.      

"No police, no summons, no courts of law
No proper procedure, no rules of war
No mitigating circumstance
No layers fees, no second chance
And we could spend our whole lives waiting for some thunderbolt to come
And we could spend our whole lives waiting for some justice to be done
Unless we make our own"

(Copyright - Sullivan/Heaton 1986)

"Every sound you hear is the sound of
Something praying for more life to be given
For maybe just another precious second
And every junkie I've known trying to do straight time
Leaves a little piece of their soul behind
You can't shed your skin like you think you can"

(Copyright - Sullivan/Nelson/Dean/White/Gill 2007)

"Hold onto your sanity as best you can
While some Hitler claims to speak for the Son of Man
The Christian militia is marching now
Hatred makes the adrenaline flow
Stir up the fire watch it grow
Everybody loves a righteous cause
Old lives forgotten in holy wars
Everything forgotten in holy wars
The right-wing respectable clampdown clan
Find their figure head in a holy man

Here come the Christians an hysterical mob
Worshipping the Devil in the name of God"

(copyright - Sullivan/Morrow 1983)

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Wet by firecrackerxx
NO Vacancy by Firebyrd
Sound of Madness by Page_Writer (Mad Girl)
Interstate Pleasure by raorrick (Rachel O.)
From the Inside by Indie (Miss Indie)
My Letter, by LadyLoss

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