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Poet Introduction

In rhythm and rhyme, I sing of the light, A flame that burns bright, a beacon of sight. A sacred right to speak, to express, Voices rise up, for all to confess.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Tolkien, TH White, JK Rowling

About Me

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Born in the rolling plains of Kansas, I was called to serve my country and joined the Navy. During my years of service and beyond, I traveled the vast expanse of this great nation and parts of the world, experiencing both the highs and lows of life.

It was on the east coast that I met the love of my life, my beautiful bride. Together, we roamed the country for a year before finally settling in the Midwest and tying the knot. I am grateful every day for the gift of her companionship and the joys of a complete family, from my beloved son to my cherished grandchildren. My life, once thought to be a lonely journey, has been filled to overflowing with love and adventure.

When it comes to politics, my philosophy is straightforward. I am a liberal-minded individual who casts my vote for the candidate who best serves the people, with a proven track record of honesty, ethics, and integrity. I reject any political campaign that relies on divisiveness, slander, or unethical conduct. Above all, I believe that the government exists to serve the people and operates at their pleasure. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are sacrosanct, but I also believe that America must evolve and adapt as progress dictates.

Religion is a matter of personal choice, and I respect all faith and beliefs. I am a seeker of truth and believe that every religion has some form of truth within it. To limit oneself to one faith is to limit one's experiences and growth. The only stipulation I have is that no religion should cause harm to any individual or community in its practice.

Thus concludes my humble biography, a mere sketch of an ordinary stickman who has lived a full and rich life.

"The Stickman with a pen in hand,
An artist, poet, and political stand.
His words sharp as a razor's edge,
With satire, he does pledge.

His wit and humor, unmatched by few,
With every stroke, he paints a hue.
Of truth and justice, he does write,
Through laughter, he brings forth light.

His works, a form of resistance,
Against the forces of oppression and existence.
He speaks out against the wrongs,
And sings a song of rights in his song.

In ink and charcoal, he makes his mark,
And leaves a legacy, a work of art.
A stickman with a message bold,
His works, forever to be told.

​Forevermore The Stickman!"

PS: To all you mooks who want to copy my works. Go ahead! You have my permission. I don't give a flying hoot, hoot, hoot!

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