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"I don't like my mind right now, stacking up problems that are so unnecessary. Wish that I could slow things down; I want to let go right now, but I find there's comfort in the panic. And I drive myself crazy, thinking everything's about me."

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you may call me vharlin and unfortunately, it is not my wish to know any of you. this is simply an outlet for the darkest reaches of my mind, in which I wish no one else to see. i am an empath of the highest caliber and i have been wounded far too many times to seek trust within a simple stranger. my poems are dark and dismal, written incorrectly with plenty of error - this is apart of my style, for nothing is perfect. you will find I write mostly about the death of my sibling, my sister, my entire world.

i am apart of a small group of people within the world that identifies as something other than human:
elf-kin and while I know logically that I am human, being an elf is what makes my spirit blossom.
i am a forest spirit, recharged and refueled within the crux of nature, she is my solace.

while my poems may be difficult to digest, i always encourage any sort of feedback. i wish to know how my writing has impacted you, inspired you or caused emotions to swirl. despite not wishing to form bonds outside of the written word, i offer my services as a critique to those who wish blunt, honest and candid feedback.