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Age 19
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Poet sarahlynn (Sarah Lynn)

I use poetry for self reflection, coping, or general expression. I write about my life TW: possible mention of abuse, drugs, sex, self harm/ed, & other sensitive subjects looking for friends and feedback

Favorite Poets/Writers

Hotel Books, Maria Mena, my friends

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Hello, my name is Sarah. I write about the shit I just can't get off of my mind.
(I wasn't originally going to post the letter about my ex, but it feels good to get it out there. I guess you can call it a #metoo moment if you want.)

You might see topics such as:
self love and self hatred
self harm/eating disorder
psychological warfare/mental health
past abuse/harrasment in various forms
music ECT in my writing

I love music more than anything. I love words and I love my friends and I'm working on loving me too. Please talk to me I need friends.