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Iím no poet; Iím a writer of poems.

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Maintaining a minimal presence here for the foreseeable future; the two works that remain are part of the December 2020 POM competition and cannot be deleted short of deleting my account, which is not currently an option.  Regardless of the outcome of that competition, I will remove those works when it is concluded.

For those wondering. I'm fine; I am simply opting to keep a smaller collection of works posted (~20 or so in total) moving forward so as not to overwhelm readers with a collection that would go largely unread due to the sheer volume of poems.  That serves no purpose for either author or reader.

There are 70 works left in my 100 Stories  That Made Me series. I am opting to write those works offline moving forward, then post them at some point in the future.  I'll be around to read and comment at intermittent intervals.

If you care to maintain contact moving forward outside of DUP, please feel free to drop me a Private Message at your discretion and we can share contact details.  If not, no harm, no foul.  It's been a pleasure.

I feel that old familiar pull.   I am not resisting it this time.   Burn away what doesn't work.  

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OUTSIDE by wilberfloss
Tragic by Zazzles (Broom)
Reckoning by Eerie
signed in triplicate by anna_grin (grin)
Nothing But Trouble by MyEyeDelight (Rachael Alexandra)

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