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A person with a lot of free time.

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Emily Dickinson

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I am called Heavyn Warren. I am a citizen of planet earth, born under Neptune as a Pisces moon, sun, and Scorpio rising. My element is water, emotional, fluid, intuitive, dreamy. I often have a feeling of seeing what others do not and being caught or pulled between two "sides" as the imagery in Pisces symbol shows, of having a natural sense of empathy and escapism. I recently have been intrigued by marine biology and how many animals of the sea have traits that humans have historically used in fantasy fiction.
I'm starting to learn that reality is stranger than I thought and maybe even stranger than fiction. But the way I experience day to day life and how that syncs with my comprehension of it, being not everywhere at once or seeing all, brings moments when reality seems beautiful and wondrous or mundane and limiting. I believe that fantasy and fiction often inspire creativity interchangeably in people and not in any particular order but that fantasy needs reality and then fantasy can influence reality. If we are speaking of reality in an objective "what is" way, what exists  (and not solely depending on human existence),  outside of nature not fully understood or science that is misunderstood then fantasy is special to human trait. And it is easier  for me to believe that the improbable can be probable than the impossible being possible because its a challenge to know what is impossible.