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Clumsy gesture and strange silence before the panel judges. Much timetravel lag, thus employment and land ownership weren't possible. These buttons and screens will be lost, a return to the desert rocks will be made, flowing back into Far Depths again.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Any strange character ranting on the sidewalks
i love this site
i've been away so long

i wanted to post lots of poems
one per day

but just get so swept up
by all the brilliances and depths here

i just go crazy on this site
slurping up line after line
spiraling out of control
fractally across whole
aeons of word-crafters
past and Now

i'm a junkie for the cleverly adjective
addict to flow of english speeding unravely

i seek through stanza the viscera of natures
forest floors of curling decays and

mountain bleakness beneath the skies
of upward reaching Thirst

and combined with the hectic
corporate product meaninglessness
jagged metals and seeping corrosives
helter skelter of modern electrocuted despair

oh how i get lost in this site

of my few contributions here
about half my poems are toned Severe
half are splayed most heedless Silly

i ought to portray Calm Image
but i have to show both sides
i just have to

it's the jimnut and the roarin
just breakin to get out

i'll howl the ledges a little longer
chief and jester they may say
no, just a wayward traveler
already lost to the

so fear not my commentaries upon your works
and pay no heed to the commentaries on my own
i do get a bit exuberant and loftily exaggerated

but we're all a little eccentric here
i fit right in, this under-the-rock
community of html misfits

love love love

for the love of the Rhyme Land
harness the war horse, Charge!

write letters
i always write back

also i strum the razor string of electric guitars

and hum strange things into mic with poet JC Luff

so much to keep going at
so much more to post

anew anew anew
forever onward
begin again!