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Poet Introduction

I don't know about a poet. I think that appellation belongs to honored individuals; past, present and future. If I achieve something, "Poetic," then I have accomplished something amazing. I am passionate about many things.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Dylan Thomas,Vincent Van Gogh, Marquis De Sade, Thoreau, Jim Morrisson, Maria Brink,

About Me

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My name is, Thomas. I live w/ with my wife and 3 kids. We spend a lot of time together as a family. Outdoors, travelling. Both my wife and I enjoy messing w/ the computer and playing games. Plus a lot of time with each other.

I speak my mind and the truth as you will see in my writings.
I do not believe in pulling any punches or biting my tongue.
If you can't handle that then I'm sorry.
At the same time I also like to hear your mind and perspective. I can handle honest criticism. I'm a big man.

I enjoy taking current social-issues, history and mythology, (Christianity included since it is also, Mythology), and combine them to expose the truth of the world in an insightful and thought-provoking story kind of way.

Other than that I am laid-back and try to enjoy life and people.

"Amendment" -From the album, "Through the Eyes," by, Flaw.

(Part of the song)          

Layed to waste out in the open
Turned away once again
This isn't right
This ain't supposed to happen
Now life's too short
We shouldn't have to die
And I have had to stop all of my emotions
Oh bittering faith escapes again, again
Just look at what we have done
Will you look at who we've become
Priorities astray
It goes on and on each day
We've wrecked their only try
And still we wonder why
We're recipients
Of hate Motherfucker

Dylan Thomas is the poet whose documentary and works I am now reading and is presently my most influential Muse.

I've found that strife won't make the
bleeding stop
Nor will it take away the pain
I feel like this search is all in vain
And I struggle to find my way -

(Excerpt from lyrics to, "Strife,"
 by Trivium).

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Abaddon's Whore by crimsin (Unveiling)
sin by crimsin (Unveiling)
Yearn At Midnight by crimsin (Unveiling)
the looking glass by crimsin (Unveiling)
Evil Bastards by crimsin (Unveiling)

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