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I am a habitual line crosser with an uncensored and often degenerate mouth, so if I offend please, please accept my in advance apology and as always please don't be scared to critique brutally.

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I was born and raised in South Omaha, NE in a tiny little neighborhood surrounded by slaughterhouses and rail lines that serviced  the Stockyards. I spend many years working in construction and organized labor. I am now disabled, old and getting way more grey hairs every day! My wife has been my uncontested best friend ever and soulmate for almost 23 years now. Our two kids are grown up, and now we have two dogs - Birdie and Chango. We often take them for car rides in our 67 Buick. Sometimes we get beer, sometimes we get ice cream. I try not to hate or say, "I hate," or spread hate...but I hate rapists, chimos, liars, thieves, and bigots. I don't care much for politicians either. But I love people, and I love talking to people, I love to hear their stories, no matter how horrible, or fantastic.