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Poet Introduction

Im a deep minded poet, qot a twist wit words. When I write its one thinq, but when I speak its a different story, trust me-

Favorite Poets/Writers

Langston Huges, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Dean Coontz, and William Shakespere

About Me

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Wuz qood, My name is Javon Brooks, v-k-v Velicimo Dlreaper and Im here to start a leqacy. I have one story to tell, which in many ways can be told. I can tell it throuqh lauqhter, or tears. My poetry may not be for all aqes, but its for both qenders to enjoy, but the ladies qot another thinq comin for em when it comes to MY love poems, it can be nasty, or it can be clean as a whistle but with every poem that I riqht its deep, trust me!_ Yikes! Im a mutha fuqkin disaster- i destroy anythinq and end it wit lauqhter- its me dey mad at and climb after- but im too hiqh, plus i climb faster- see, to catch me you would need to master- some shit you could never master- ha, its funny cause i dont need a rest- im automatically champ, and i beat the rest- wit out even tryin homie i be da best- oh, excuse me, i G^ da best- im too quiqk for bullets, i dont need a vest- im too quiqk to pull it, dont need a second quess- i flo wit da smoke, when i blow its a mess- brains n thanqs, blood stains n flesh- my shot qun's for abliteration, live life lonq is for alliteration- lol

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