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Remember man, as you walk by. As you are now. so once was I. As I am now, so shall you be. Remember this and follow me.

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Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe

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Its not when i look back at all of our memories, and all the good times we've shared that make me sad. Its when i realized those memories meant nothing to you....but meant everything to me.

Im just finding my way out of the darkness. Learning myself and everyone around me as I go. Realizing the only person you should ever rely on is yourself and don't expect anyone to help you up out of the rubble when your world comes crashing down, but remember the ones who were there in the end. I've always written poetry throughout my destructive life. I've never written a poem when I was happy so reading the poems I post on here have been at some of my lowest points,.... but know there not me everyday. I'm just venting and releasing all my anguish and despair for that period of time. Therapeutically helping myself heal and move on. I know there's a lot of emotionally disturbed people on here(me being one) but please understand suicide isn't the answer. As alone as you may feel it's possibly the most selfish thing anyone could do. I write about the blade and feel desperate for relief at times, maybe indulged in my younger years, but I've realized the amount of pain it would cause everyone around me just isn't worth it. As shitty as your life may be your causing more pain to the ones around you than you can ever understand. Find your self worth. You are worth something and just know someone somewhere out there would trade places with you in a heartbeat because sometimes your hardships are nothing compared to what someone else is going through. Hope you enjoi my poems. Shoot me a msg if you have any questions. Adios motherfuckers....

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Emotional Compulsion by WoundedHeart
Fallen Angel by Anime21Peace23
Changing my mind by notapeot (notapoet)

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