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I would like to start out with a little introduction to myself,
I'm a musician who does art but not for money nor for wealth.
My passion started young from an age that was nurtured.
Schooled at home for a time, onto college and graduated.
 Through these times I have learned how to write, draw & play.
But all the time knowing music was the path to link the way
I first started writing to express how I felt,
When somebody hurt me and I couldn't lash out.
It sparked something in me that gave me self healing.
Now when I write I can rhyme with my feelings.
The more I would write, the more I felt cured, 
To these feelings I once before ignored.
I connected the dots and hooked up my soul,
Now when I write I can see a clear goal.
A flow that's come natural It's always been there,
Just needed awakening when there wasn't an ear.
Emotions were scattered, know one was there to help me centre.
So like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the paper
I picked up a pen and wrote to a beat that was calming.
It felt very natural to just start rhyming
I've found a new life line and I'm creating the path 
On my poetry journey that doesn't cost cash.
Because all words are free, just waiting to be fused,
The power behind them depends on the use.

Through my words I connect, a cord from within, they all now belong to one goal.
It's what helps me translate my thoughts to writing, my collection,
My Poetry Soul.