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Poet Introduction

I read and wright a lot of poetry. It's something nice you can just pick up from your bedside table and lap up slowly as you drift into sleep, but also you can enjoy it while your awake.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron,Robert Frost,Billy Werner

About Me

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I'm "TheDarkOne" But my name is Alacia Haines. I love to write, draw, and create weird things. Poetry is my life, soul and no one can take that away from me.I seek the light and beauty that lies within the velvet darkness. I am a divine being in mortal form. A poet, an artist, and something of a dreamer. And that is only the very surface of who I am. I'm a total sweetheart unless your a dick to me then ill just rip your organs and intestines out of your body and shove it down your throat and make you choke on your own flesh. But besides that i think im cool to talk to, ill always be there for you and just remember.. No matter how life gets, just keep writing.

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