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Birchel I am and I write in category of unbelievable, but, the literature is here. Fic Fun as well. I'm also not the best writer. I just write to entertain and more times to free myself. It keeps me the trouble of the darkness! I'm use to it though!

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Edgar Allen Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson

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     By How Fine....By How Beautiful

By the way people write
Will reveal by how fine
By how beautiful they be

Look at story punctuation
Which isn't required for really
Within the writing if poetry

But if u look at how they write
U can always tell they are fine
It'll show their true ah beauty
Even reveal how ah kind

The writer be penmanship
Is truly an ah sight ah must
Hear this the heat of my ah lust
Writers are the finest if they trust

Their own work at first
And not be mad if others don't
They are even finer than eyes
Could desire to search for won't

I lie to u not
I ah tell u no ah tale
If a writer writes to u beautifully
That writer's beautifully that ah well

The rhyme and even the prose
If ah writtenly beautifully displayed
Even if u haven't seen them
U know there looks are ah well layed

And with the rhyming within their poem
If u find it such the ah crisp
I ah guarantee their swivel's flawless
And still u ain't gotta believe this kiss



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