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Poet Introduction

I'm a poet who mostly does blue/dark humour and story based stuff.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, George Carlin

About Me

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I am...

As Nasty as a sick feral fox
As Nice as a new pair of socks
As Low as a body down a well
As High as heaven's church bell
As Straight as an isometric cube
As Curly as a circus clown’s pube
As Loud as a stack of Marshall amps
As Silent as your next attack of cramps
As Empty as a con man's kiss
Yet Full of vinegar and piss
As Sharp as a silver ninja star
As Blunt as a smoking green cigar
As Cool as a nitro turbo-jet
As Lame as remembering you’re in debt
As Certain as there is gold in your soul
As Doubted as a TV newscast poll
As Slow as a two-toed sloth on ludes
As Fast as the changing of your moods
As Happy as a drunk at a winery
As Sad as a drunk at a winery
As Clean as your girlfriend’s shiny box
As Filthy as a pair of Durko’s jocks
As Right as heavy classic rock n’ roll
As Wrong as a church toilet glory hole
As Smart as an idea bulb that’s glowin’
As Stupid as this mother fuckin’ poem

My Reading List

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The Changed Terminology of an Impotent Man by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
St. Paddy Laddy by snugglebuck
It's Nice by DeathWarmedOver
We wait for the wisdom by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
Sexy Rexy by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
Bad Genie by Naajir

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