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Poet Introduction

Every poem that I have written is about how I have felt at a certain time or something that I have seen or experienced. With the exception of the two horror poems that I attempted to write. I hope to inspire and help people with my poetry.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Edgar Allen Poe

About Me

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I'm uploading my poems from when I first started writing. So, the first poems that I put up are from around a little while back. Sorry if the first poems that I upload aren't that good. I have over 60 poems and still writing to this day. I really wish that I could put up my recent work because, I think I have come a long way since I first started writing. But, I don't want to mess up the order. And, it really bugs me when I don't stick to the order that I want things in. So, sticking to this order is important to me. Lol. But, soon hopefully I will get to my recent work. I love poetry. I've been writing for a while. I always criticize myself but, others have a lot of faith in me. I write poetry because, I love the feeling of people relating to what I have written. I love singing... I don't think that I'm good... But, again, people say that I am. I love drawing... I am an amateur though. Lol. I love music. I couldn't survive without it.

My Reading List

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something's broken by PeaceFlpw (Peace Flow)
Work by beanbandit (David Gonzales)
Beautifully Ignorant by DevilsChild
Over Thinking: by PsychicApocalypse (Darker Half)
Dear Fate.... by PleasuresOfPain

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