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Poet Introduction

Been writing poetry since college days, and those days have been gone a few decades now. I write and post on various forums for poetry and art, have submitted poems to one magazine and aspire to do more of the same, hopefully branch out and write a book!

Favorite Poets/Writers

Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Herrick, Yeats, Blake, William F. DeVault, Bill Mumy, John Denver

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You see what I write in the moonlight or sun of day and it is all real. I'm not pretending here, but not always writing about myself. What is real is all in your mind. It isn't all out there somewhere! Feel your heartbeat, think about how everything you experience affects it. Then you'll understand me.
I'm a former athlete, ran track and played pitcher on a baseball team in 5th grade, and it all just blossomed from there. Very few sports I have not tried or participated in regularly. Nowadays, the sports are all gone and all that is left for me is art and writing. Sad? Somewhat. I'm just reinventing myself as time moves on. Nothing sad about that. Just getting better and better.

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The Show Must Go On by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
A Midsummer Nightmare by Ghost223 (The Midnight Poet)
Algiz by AEMelia564 (Y)
Melian by AEMelia564 (Y)
Transmundane by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
Time Traveller by ReggiePoet (Reggie)

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