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Poet OctoberArts (October)

Waiting for darkness to end my dismay, †How long will I live in shades of gray, †Or until my existence just completely fades.

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Garth Nix


I am broken glass to the wrist
Empty smiles to the priest
A breathing form of insanity
Druggie and part-time hopeless dreamer
Sunday morning rain
The bud of a cigarette
Lifeís toy awaiting its foretold death
A broken heart  
Screams that reach no one  
Summer nights and winters kiss  
Tossed garbage  
Burning Sticks  
Anger behind a balled fist
The evolution of emptiness
Puppet of sadness
Orb of madness
Footsteps of calamity
The demise of humanity
Everything and Anything
You will never understand
Iím sorry but this is who I am