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Poet Naughtymouse

I love to write and talk with those who do, I welcome comments and criticism as long as it's constructive,  play nice with the newbie.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Komachi, Li Po, Jill Scott, Poe, Harry Baker, Neil Hilborn, Sabrina Benaim and a million others.
Hi I'm Ben,

I try to say what's inside as clearly as I can unless I'm going metaphorical on you. I like stuff that makes you think, Sciences especially astronomy and biology, nuts and bolts stuff, I like to know how stuff works, literature, art and I love music (mostly progressive metal, blues and rock) I have two crested geckos called Darwin and Tesla and am of the strong belief that bacon and cheese makes everything better.

Of everything I've written "When Auras Collide" is possibly my favourite, it's not wordy or particularly clever or technically a difficult write but it resonates something which vibes myself if I read it.

I just had my ebook published with Barnes and Noble

I am unique....and a Capricorn.....I am a Unicorn.

The Irony of loneliness is that it never leaves you alone.