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Poet Introduction

My name is C. R. Powers, and I write a range of poems. Anything from erotica to horror to fantasy. I find that the diversity is satisfying. On a really good day, I write amazing, well at least I think so. So I'm gonna get with it now.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Tolkien/Edger Allen Poe

About Me

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Who am I? I take joy in philology, the writing of it, the etymology, and the definition and discovery of words. I also enjoy creating my own languages. Besides that I'm a poet and novelist, and sometimes short story writer.

So now that I have gotten that out of the way lets go for the rest. My other intrests are mythology, psychology, occultism, Tolkienist, broad music lover, botanist (to a degree), lingust (of a sort), and a few less substantial things which I'm sure you wouldn't care to see listed.

As for my own personality, I'm a bit weird and quirky. I live my life my way, and if you don't like it too bad. There that should cover the basics.

If anyone would like to support me or give me a hand in getting noticed, I would deeply appreciate it. Do what you can, if you can.

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I use Facebook most often, add me there so we can really talk. :)

My Reading List

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Curiosity by NimmieAmee
Desire by NimmieAmee
Before I sleep by NimmieAmee
Dear Poet by NimmieAmee

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