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Poet Messier110 (John Krotec)

A survivor like the rest of you.

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Snugglebuck, Ezra Pound, Dartford, Chakhrukhadzea Ata Aidoo, Dora Bryan, Gerald Murnane
Even a thatched hut
May change with a new owner
Into a dollís house.

Spencer: Here's your ammo... blade to the throat, huh, that how they do these things in El Paso?
Hardin: Yeah, that's how they do things where I grew up.
Spencer: Thought you're some kind of chemical engineer.
Hardin: I am, and I'm out of the habit of spending time with a bunch of gun-totin' rednecks.
Spencer: Well, you know how it is, down here in Louisiana, we don't carry guns, we carry ropes, RC colas and moon pies, we're not too smart, but we have a real good time.

It turns out Jesus is a squirrel. A big fat meaty one. And I shot and ate that son of a bitch.