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I write some call it poetry I call it oxygen

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I don't read much so still searching.

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most social media: @luizsyphre

I'd like to extend a very warm welcome to you and shout: "Welcome to my Thoughts!" That really is much more than a tagline.  I'm a real person, with a real (non) life and because of the darkness, I have to fight everyday I get up.  Yet, I can appreciate beauty, like the encapsulating awe of an orangy dawn in Arizona.  

I have drenched with a furious storm of love when my kids where born and I've experienced every other extreme of emotion:  Suicidal, cloud nine, love in her eyes, belly laughing, the phoenix when burned to the ground and more.  I write concrete, with language most of us understand without looking up words.  I curse, unfiltered when it's my feeling.  I also stain this glass with sorrows when I feel like I need to fold and love drips and drips to a glow.

I don't give a shit about negative public opinion, but I've been lucky and can proudly say my friends are with me when I seem to go off my rocker and I express.  I don't hold back. I write about all aspects of life, not just a genre you may like. The extremes include, spending $100k in three months and not a thing to show for it.  To being homeless, hungry and cold.  It's in my writes.

I know that the romantic shorts are very popular and I can crank 'em out.  However, I am so many more experiences and emotions, that you are bound to read one of my pieces and say "Fucken A! That's me!"

When you do, know this:

"That write was meant exclusively and only for you!"

and from the bottom of my of my heart