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Gil Scott Heron, Dolemite, Rumi, Abu al-Baqā al-Andalūsī, my mother
Picture pupils clear as the moon’s beaming mistress (let this Sun rise!). And imagine joy like the feverish blush born in Love’s fleeting glance (let it linger on!). Giddy in the translucent glow of their own skin, these weightless forms play and shriek. Shouting glee, they leap from lofty shoulders...

Free of Fear, unsullied by the crushed husks discarded in the harvest of time, they gamble with Life. They are the steel that steel sharpened. They are the scions of the monsoon.

They sprouted from the kisses fathers planted in the flesh of the brown-eyed babe. They are the princes enthroned in poppa’s lap, and the smiling daughters of dauntless queens. For, bereft of want, these mocha skinned sons and daughters laugh, and birth sons and daughters, all, before the flash and roar of Life’s fleeting storms, unbent.