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Poet Introduction

I couldn't give a flying fuck if my shit don't rhyme, have a pattern, or model any of the greats. Art gets messy. People are messy. It will be okay.

Favorite Poets/Writers

the underdogs of the world... with addictions, unseen talents, & a story dancing in their eyes

About Me

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Just another misfit 20 something year old that wandered off course to make her place in the world. Life has a way of humbling your arrogance, spanking that ass, then sending the signs, people, and love your way to find healing. This is raw, this is me...

I dig mythology, religion, history, art, psychology, bad decisions, and old souls. I was blessed enough to meet my twin flame and recognize it, although an unfortunate series of events caused us to separate. If there was ever living, breathing piece of poetry, it would be that man. I've directed my energy toward solitude, self healing, construction, celibacy, and letting good things flow between me and the people that have been placed in my life. This is my anonymous hope placed in writing that my TF and I will come together again when the time is right and we are both whole again.

Also, I hate small talk. Tell me stories about you that people don't ask about if we ever get to chatting in the inbox. Don't hesitate to ask to collaborate if the thought strikes you.


Just wanted to say fuck for no reason. That's all now.

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CLOWN by Grace (Idryad)
KNEEL by Grace (Idryad)
SOMETHING by Grace (Idryad)
watercolour Jesus by Indie (Miss Indie)
the wrong anna by anna_grin (ilchruthach)
SYNCHRONICITY by Grace (Idryad)

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