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Blest. I'm Your Juvenile Delinquent. Rejoice.

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Francis Yates, Margery Kempe, Emily Dickinson

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I will establish a sanctuary in my heart and I will reside there


These are the poor creatures              
who walk the road.  He came to                  
Esther this way.  Although Mary            
tried to give him many details,              
his heart still tried to rebel              
Oh boy!  That sister said a lot. I                  
tried to understand - I chased                  
her!"  It looks like                  
pg. 390                  
Mary Barton                  
Beloved, what must we do?  We                  
must act                  
It's working!  No, it's not!  What                  
if we find out? But what if we find
out not?                    
Jim, don't stop me, it's time for                  
me to try to reach them, and                
who knows what I'll find?"                  
Mary, wait a few minutes. I'll                  
search for them for you if you        
want me to              
"It's crazy                
She refuses."                  
Do not cry at all. It's not sad.                    
Hope for yourself, and trust in                  
your hope. For them, say that                  
you're with it.  Oh, bring it home          
and we'll love it and do it well. Please!                    
Before leaving, Mary sat next to                  
him with love              
You should see it.  Mary                    
wandered all that night so that                
eventually he could wake up              
where Esther could reach him        
in the æther. Finally, a year ago                
and with their help, she reached
him. He was staying at                
a small guest house on the    
backside of Saints Peter and
Wendy Place.

Tell all thieves,
thieves, and prostitutes.                
I know the butterfly controlling                  
this ceremony. She believes            
She exists      


My name is Emily. It used to be edward.

My other profiles were: Cloven_Zonkle, Neoma, MyLadyCharlotina, and Write-on.

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Happy Joyous & Free by mingomingus
God et all by PoetSpeak
Luna Seer by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
Small Town Syndrome by nightbirdblue

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