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There is a great need for magickal thinking. The time is now to foster new understandings of phenomenological reality in this simultaneously religious and secular world.

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In short, it is time for phenomenological reality to undergo a revamping.

- All things being equilateral in distance, the heart Is the closest -

IRL I do this and that. Everything relates spiritually, even dysphoria and sexuality. I also take testosterone blockers and estrogen.

Here is a cut-up for you to read, about cut-ups -

Here is a cut-up for you poems. Mostly google early engagement with the cut-up action technique. Also Thee Temple, regarding their spiritual theories. Be ever relevant medium. What can you create between lines? Mostly of the process is from Brion Gysin about his engagement with. Ov Psychick-Youth the same. Medium media is. To thine be truth of to read. These are my lens on text. Stems from William Burroughs and also, the gloss of gnosis of. And the writing is seeking out. My use of the theories of, with. And Ov the magick, as in thee own self, might thee own text?

Also, see Alan Moore's writing upon the intersection between narrative and magick, and of the use, within alchemy, of understanding the self in imaginal terms. The Self exists within the Imaginal and it is from there that the operative current flows. It is from there that the physician would "heal their own self." This is true on the meta-level as well. Humanity is an imaginal creature.

Do never forget that we live in an epoch of change. Humanity as a whole experiences periodic convulsions of rapid consciousness expansion, always culturally transmitted. We are experiencing several rather major ones right now. Began to about a hundred and sixty years ago. The abolition of slavery, the Women's suffrage movement, and the beginnings of globalized mass-media allowing educated people everywhere to be informed of the happenings of both, in relative real-time. So Go America! Anarchy in the U.K! Punk's not dead! And all of that.

Anyway, I keep comments turned off and try to comment only slightly because I'm either very shy and unspoken or I'm trying so hard not to be that I'm breaking shit like that proverbially confused, riled-up bull in the shop. I am quiet now, trying to ensure to myself that when speaking I'm being true to myself within my mind's eye.

We humans are imaginal, but by the ways in which we perceive others to view us, we may become wedded to pictures of our selves we do not recognize as our own. I would rather never speak again than to feel once more paralyzed by my perceptions of how others have interpreted me. In real life I try not to say angry things to too many strangers. Sometimes I Fail. I'm pretty sure then that I'm a terrible person.

I have a second profile, and it is called Write-On: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Write-On/ Its all very experimental.

These other three profiles also contain older writing by me:



They are all pieces of me.

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